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Hangzhou H.D.L.New Material Co.,LTD
Address:Wuhang village,Yunhe Town,Yuhang,Hangzhou,China
Company Profile Founded in 2002 Hangzhou H.D.L NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD., located at China Warp Knitting scientific & technical industrial zone of Hangzhou worldly known tidal resort, only 150km west to Shanghai, is a manufacturer that specializes in producing PVC Laminated fabric. Aiming to offer high quality of products to customers worldwide, H.D.L not only imported the most advanced 2 chemical fiber and 5 ( the brand of 4 are KARLMAYER, 1 is LIBA) warp knitting mesh producing lines from Germany, the most advanced 4 laminating lines with Max. width 4m, 1 from South Korea, the other 3 from Taiwan, 1 PVC Flim Equipment from Taiwan, but also recruited lots of high-educated and well trained staff, the staff is constantly geared towards perfectly products in the various work processes, starting from selection of raw materials through to the stages of yarning, meshing and lamination. According to H.D.Ls management, full control of all processes is the strong point and for this reason, all operations, yarning, meshing,lamination ect., are supervised by those responsible for each individual department. Today H.D.L covers an area of about 30,000sm and the annual output of industrial mesh has reached up to 40million square meters, laminated fabric has reached 80million sm. Our products are exported to Europe, South-America, South-Africa, Middle-East, Southeast Asia ect., more than 30 countries. H.D.L is constantly looking for opportunities to build up new win-win business relations with companies from around the world, if you are interested , H.D.L will do its best to supply you with first-class products.
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